OSA Public Library Model

OSA Public Library Model

Suggested OSA Public Library Model Support System

Rooms in Rajiv Gandhi Seva Kendra for the GP Library

[ 2018 PR department Circular to all BDOs for Establishment of GP Library-cum-edutainment Centers ]

1) Computer Room,

2) Seminar Room,

3) Reading Room,

4) Librarian’s Room

5) Front Desk

6) Bath Rooms

External View of Rajiv Gandhi Seva Kendra

Floor Plans of Rajiv Gandhi Seva Kendra to be used for Public Library

Park along with the Library under MGNREGAS( Refer 2018 Circulars to all BDOs )

Computing/Internet Infrastructure

Thin Client Computing Technology will be used in order to reduce Capital Expense(CAPEX) and Operational Expense(OPEX)

A sample floor plan for e-library and conferences hall

Public Library Cost Structure In GP Library(Rajiv Gandhi Seva Kendras)