Odisha Public Library Vision 2024

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  • Requested Action Plans
  1. Review the inactions, and take prompt actions for implementation of public library laws/circulars as enshrined in CM’s 5T(Timebound, Transparency, Teamwork, Technology, Transformation) program vision and directive in 2019.
  2. Allocate required budget for Fast track Implementation of “Odisha Public Library Act 2001” and “2018 Grama Panchayat Library-cum-Edutainment Centers under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act Scheme(MGNREGAS)” by 2024, before the elections, all across Odisha
  3. Bring all public libraries Under One Umbrella for effective management, ownership,  accountability of all public libraries and to reduce the cost. ( Libraries currently operate under many departments like Culture, Panchayat Raj, Information & Public Relations, and Urban Development.)
  4. Make provisions for Annual Funding from the State Budget, CSR, Mineral Fund, MLALAD to invest in modern public library infrastructure to meet the 21st century needs of people.
  5. Make provisions for libraries to provide following basic services
    1. Internet Room: For public access to computers connected with high speed Broadband Internet
    2. Audio-Video-Internet enabled Conference Hall/Community Center: For community events, seminars
    3. Reading Room: For providing books, news papers, magazines, journals to meet the need of citizens
  6. Make provisions for Library Automation using NIC’s e-granthalaya or similar software and Office Automation for efficient management and performance management of all libraries across the state
  7. Make provisions to have Local Civil Society members as part of library management and decision making process to make the libraries more people/users driven.
  8. Make provisions to have our universities produce enough Skilled Professionals to meet the demand of 21st century public library needs
  9. Make provisions to bring Public Awareness on the benefits of modern public libraries at grass root level. 
  10. Bring Modern Public Library Experts with proven track record of work for consultation/actions in building Internet enabled modern public library infrastructure
  11. Make provisions to have Internet-enabled modern public libraries are established in every Grama Panchayat(GP) with the objective to achieve the United Nations(UN) Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) to eradicate poverty
  12. Establish “Mo-Library” programs like “Mo-School/Mo-College” for people’s contribution