Funding & Support

Public library is the prime institution of the entire community and hence support from all departments are in their best interest to reach the community. The library is accountable for its judicious use of funds and is in compliance with state laws.


Here is a typical process.

The administration prepares an annual budget proposal that accurately reflects the needs of the library and the community it serves based on the user demand.

The budget is reviewed and approved by the library board.

The budget is presented to the funding authority, BMC

The library board advocates for the budget with the funding authority, BMC.

Additionally, the library can submit required statistics to qualify for state funds and other organizations listed to procure the benefits.

The library needs to have policies and procedures regarding expense reimbursement, cash management, whistleblower, conflicts of interest and document retention.


Some of departments and organizations that are more relevant to fund and provide support the library are listed here.

  1. BMC

    1. BMC will facilitate and allocate the necessary funding from the municipality for smooth operation of this community institution.

  2. Members of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme(MPLAD)

  3. Raja Ram Mohan Roy Library Foundation, Culture Ministry, Govt of India

  4. Department of Culture, Odisha

It may be noted OSA had pursued for cabinet approval of Odisha Public Library Rules Notification that enables public libraries to get necessary funding and build an integrated public library system. Refer Gazetted Notification of Odisha Public Library Rules 2016.

  1. Department of Education & MASS Education, Odisha

  2. Department of IT, Odisha

  3. Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship

  4. National Informatics Centre, Govt. of India

  5. BSNL

  6. Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR)

  7. Friends-of-library(FOL)

The FOL volunteers can raise membership fees, raise funds, and receive funds for the library only with recommendation from the library board and BMC administration. A separate library fund will be created who can receive private funding as per India Income Tax guideline.

  1. NROs

  2. Misc. Fees

While the library will provide free service to local community, the library may charge for use of printers.