Potential impact in the community

The following depicts how the library can bring change in the community.

  1. Early Childhood Literacy

The library will give opportunity to parents, grand parents, relatives to bring young kids to develop their love for reading, singing, writing, talking, painting, listening and develop a good habit at an early age with a fun filled environment.

The library can have storytelling, rhyming, painting, and drawing activities.

  1. Literacy

The library will provide world of information at finger tip in a friendly environment.Information session on state literacy programs( e.g. Sarba Sikhya Abhijan ) can be conducted in the library by respective govt. administrators.

General awareness programs can be conducted.

Educational, inspiring videos, documentary movies can be broadcasted in the community hall that would work as edu-tainment center. People will watch movies, podcasts, TED videos.

  1. Education

The library will provide world of information at fingertip via digital contents, printed contents, Internet. There are so many world renowned free websites like Khan Academy, MIT OpenCourseWare, National Digital Library of India, TED Talks, Youtube, Wikipedia etc that can be leveraged for making learning fun filled.

Webinars can be conducted via Skype, WebEx in the seminar hall by academicians, professionals on topics of interest.

Local or visiting academicians/professionals can deliver presentations on topics of interest whether it is physics, mathematics, economics, english, financial management or any subject of interest.

Special sessions will be organized on mentoring, teen advisory, homework help, free teacher service, career planning, higher education opportunities including overseas, college education, job opportunities, future planning in different fields of interest from successful, accomplished professionals/academicians.

  1. Employment

Career counselling programs, job information sessions can be conducted in the library. Special coaching classes can be organized based on the need of the youth. Skill development programs can be organized to explore opportunities, help prepared effectively. Information sessions will be helpful to the youth to seek opportunities effectively.

Information session on how to use Internet, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint, E-mail, Website, making a resume, search engines would help getting a job in today’s age.

Competitive books/guides, magazines, newspapers will provide opportunity for various govt and private jobs.

The library would help in preparations for jobs and competitive exams, and other aspects of collaborative learning which is scantly available in  rural areas and to poorer section of the city.

  1. Entrepreneurship

An invited successful local/visiting entrepreneur can better discuss/share his/her success stories, and experience to start a successful business. There can be presentations on potential opportunities, challenges, success stories to help and support aspiring entrepreneurs, small business owners, build connections, understand the market. There can be presentations how Internet can be leveraged to start and continue a business.

  1. Health and wellness

Invited local/visiting doctors/practitioners can present on various health issues like diabetes management, blood pressure management, cancer awareness, weight control, healthy habits, alcohol control, eye care, dental care, vaccination, yoga, and meditation.

  1. e-Government

A Govt. administrator can educate citizens about various govt schemes/policies to take the benefits, teach how to access these schemes from Govt. websites, whom/how to contact for any issues, how to give feedback to the govt from the library from the library. The library will minimize the gap between Govt and the people much faster using email, websites, social media. The library will facilitate to host programs, information sessions to transform the citizens from passive observers to active participants, educate them about their civic role, bring transparency and trust in the govt.

  1. Civic engagement

The library will provide opportunities to host programs on community service that engage the local public for betterment of the society they live, discuss/brainstorm local social and economic challenges.

Spiritual, vocational, educational, technological books or digital contents will be helpful for the community at large.

  1. e-Commerce

People in the community can conduct business using Internet, get informed timely about the market, communicate effectively. People will have access to world of information, stock market, weather, trading, banking and many more.

  1. Social inclusion

The library will be a place of congregation for all sections of the community irrespective their gender, religion, caste, physical appearance, social background, economic status, and educational background. There will be programs to promote and uplift the marginalized section of the community.