About Us

OSA Public Library Initiatives(OPLI)
The Odisha Society of The Americas(OSA) is a socio-cultural, public, non-profit, volunteer based organization in the USA and is the largest non-resident Odia (NRO) organization established since 1969. OPLI is one of the Odisha development initiatives of OSA.

After Phailin, a major natural calamity, in 2013, the Odisha Society of the Americas(OSA) with support from Non-Resident Odia (NRO) community in North America, contributed funds and proposed for establishing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) enabled “Urban Model Public Library” in Berhampur, Ganjam and “Rural Model Public Library” in Balasore and Mayurbhanja for the enrichment of the community.

The sole purpose was to create a basic footprint of World Class Public Libraries in Odisha through the Model Public Libraries, which can be inspirational model to replicate similar Public Libraries at every District and Block level in other parts of the state by Govt. and/or private bodies. A “Well Integrated Public Library System” has proven to be the key catalyst in socioeconomic development in developed economies.

The committee for OSA Public Library Initiatives(OPLI) has been working towards this broader vision to promote, facilitate, advocate, support the best practices and proven models for a “Well Integrated Modern Public Library System” in Odisha/India by connecting Library Activists, Professionals, Enthusiasts, Industry Experts, Academics, and Policy Makers.